Lady Scarlet – Humiliation for the beta

I am on the sofa relaxing with my partner and I want to show him my new puppy. I let him in, naked, on all fours and with a chastity cage around his tiny cock. I have him lay down so that we can both put our feet on him and I start humiliating him by showing him my partner, a real man who can have me and touch me whereas he is an insignificant nobody. I spit in his mouth and on him, insult him and in the meantime massage a real cock, my mans cock. My partner and I laugh at this worms little cock together, I even provoke him a little by almost sitting on his face but then I explain to him that only my man can touch me and lick me and so I send him away and laug at him.

Lady Scarlet - Humiliation for the beta

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