Lady Scarlet – Humiliated and intxicated

Me, Joanna and Angy are enjoying our new shoes: we have just put them on and we admire them with pleasure. Joanna suggests we smoke a cigarette and we all immediately agree to call the ashtray slave. He arrives naked on all fours like a d*g and like a d*g he starts licking our shoes greedily. Too bad that they are so new and clean but soon we will find another way to turn that tongue black… Before we start smoking we insult and humiliate him with offenses and spit, which in reality will continue even after… We light the cigarettes and make him sit in the center: it will serve as both a footrest and an ashtray. We take turns sitting on his shoulders and holding his head still with our legs. The ash falls abundantly on his tongue which soon becomes black while we provoke him with our hot bodies by moving in front of his eyes: but he is a loser piece of sh_t and cannot touch us.

Lady Scarlet - Humiliated and intxicated

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