I had a really good workout today at the gym and now, while Im resting, its the right time to call my little slave. On all fours in front of the sofa where Im sitting, he starts smelling my sweaty socks, he wants more and after a while I also let him try my bare feet which are almost salty from sweat. He tries to lick them but no, today I want something different, I want a real pedicure complete with a basin of water and file. He comes back with the equipment and he starts washing them and then goes on to scrape off the hard skin that falls into the water, making it immediately cloudy and thats when I think of the humiliation he deserves: I make him take a glass with which he will drink that dirty water. A couple of sips and he will use the rest to cook his pasta hahahaha…!


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Lady Scarlet at Yezzclips