Lady Scarlet – Challenge of lift & carry

This little guy at the gym challenges me, he approaches confidently and then realizes how taller and bigger I am than him. He has no idea of ??the trouble hes gotten himself into when he suddenly grabs me and takes me in his arms, I have to admit that hes strong even though hes tiny and therefore, amused, I accept the challenge. We take turns lifting each other up in different positions but I show him with all my strength by also doing squats with him in my arms. After a while he is exhausted, he collapses to the ground and resigns himself to worshiping his goddess, no longer having the strength to lift me up. But I havent felt any tiredness and I continue to take him around the room repeatedly: I clearly won the challenge and so now its time for my reward and for his punishment. I tie his hands behind his back, lower his underwear and while with one arm around his neck I grab him and hold him still, the other hand masturbates him powerfully. I have complete control over him wriggling around, will I be able to make him cum on my legs?

Lady Scarlet - Challenge of lift & carry

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