Lady Scarlet – A carpet of money

My friends Gea and Cleo and I comment on our shoes, taken with the salary of the slave who at the moment is making us the footstool. The problem is that he brings us too little money, barely enough to take away any whims. Our standard of living is high and he has to work hard for us! Rather than get into debt! As we exchange these reflections, we begin to feel uncomfortable and have our shoes taken off. We look at the nest egg he brought us and that too seems miserable. We make him lie down at our feet and the cage he wears is clearly evident. We are making him work in chastity! And as long as he doesnt bring us more money, he wont have the freedom of his little dick! Having expressed these considerations, and tired of his foot-mat service, we order him to make a mat of money with that meager salary he brought us. He does, and once the rectangle of paper is formed we start stepping on it in contempt. He is mortified, humiliated. Next time we want to have a large green yellow and purple colored carpet! He seems to have understood and almost whimpering thanks us, while we chase him away because every minute that passes is a minute of lost earnings for our next salary…

Lady Scarlet - A carpet of money

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