Kinsleys Ignorant Feet – (High Quality Version)

Kinsley was in the mood to plan her night out with her friends on her cell phone, having walked all day long with her cute feet in her shoes, so she thought it could be nice to take advantage of your foot fetish, and just have you down on your knees, right in front of her feet! She is not really in the mood to pay attention to you, so be prepared to be ignored! She just takes pleasure to tease you with her shoes on, before dropping them on the floor, so she can completely cover your face with her sweaty bare feet! They are actually super smelly, and super stinky, but she wants you to smell them, and just enjoy that strong smell from her feet! She wants you to take some deep breaths in her feet, and she wants you to lick the sweaty bottom of her bare soles too! Kinsley also wants you to suck on her toes, like a good devoted loser slave, and she wants you to clean all that dirt right in between her toes, while she is just texting with her friends! Just obey her instructions, and be a good slave!

Kinsleys Ignorant Feet - (High Quality Version)

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