Goddess Louise – Soles Licking After Party (720p MP4)

We have the incredible Goddess Louise today coming back home after attending a party. One of her slaves is waiting for her of course standing on his knees next to her bed. Of course as soon as the Goddess arrives the slave is instructed to starts licking the soles of her expensive over knee pointy toe boots.So Goddess Louise is checking on her phone ignoring the slave while he is doing the job. She also looks at the camera from time to time, acknowledge the slave a few times as well, but in general shes just doing some stuff on the phone not paying much attention to the pathetic slave. The Goddess doesnt talk much, only for a few seconds to be fair. Forgot to mention that there is also some heel sucking.You can enjoy very nice camera angles including some close ups.

Goddess Louise - Soles Licking After Party (720p MP4)

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