Findom addict – you cant stop!

You think you have control over your addiction to me and to findom? You dont! Realize now that I have absolute control over you! What are you doing here right now? You are reading this text and you want to jerk off your dick for me, right? You have a weak mind and I am so beautiful and powerful. You know that so as much as you try again and again, but you never can break your findom addiction! You will never be able to leave this part of your life. I am a part of you! You can try to resist, maybe for a few days, maybe for a few weeks, but I know you will come back and you come back weaker and weaker! I will explain to you the reason for this. Let me fuck your mind again while you jerk off your dick for me, like a real loser! Do you want to cum now? I will decide if you are allowed to cum or not!

Findom addict - you cant stop!

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