Facing court because of BLACKMAIL Part 1 – 100% REALTALK

1st part of my Blackmail experience – No fiction! Some years ago it actually happened that I had to go to court because of a slave! This “story” is 100% REAL! Did I get a penalty? How the trial went? Ill say one more thing at this point, his mother was even present and it was a really blatant case. There was not even a precedent that the prosecution & judge could have followed! Listen yourself! In detail I tell you Blackmailcunt in this clip series, which will make you extremely horny, as far as you carry Blackmail-fantasies in yourself or are even already experienced in it. It does not interest ME whether you are of the opinion to report me! AGAIN: If you want to “play” with ME Blackmail, you have to stick to the previously discussed RULES or I will expose you. Slaves who follow the rules have nothing to fear, its as simple as that! ( NOTE : Blackmail is only practiced on explicit request )

Facing court because of BLACKMAIL Part 1 - 100% REALTALK

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