DRAMA with my NEW HIGH HEELS – Storytime & try on. I FREAK OUT!!

Im pissed and annoyed as fuck because since few weeks theres a true drama goinig on and at the end I didnt get what I wanted. Usually it takes a lot to get me angry but what happened is so stupid that I just had to make this video about it to let it all out and the reason for all that shit is something realy banal: My new high heels! What makes other ladys drip dosnt bother me much, cause Im not that much into shoes at all however my shoe cupboards are full up because paypigs love sending me new pairs constantly – just like this time as well. One of my subs beged to buy me new pleaser heels so I picked two pairs which the lil bastard ordered willingly. To spice up things little more he had to stay chaste until the new heels would be on my divine feet and what happened afterwards cant be more dumb and incompetent. I wont tell too much right here but the story is so wacky that I meanwhile assumed getting pranked. Anyway the chaste loser did not touch his cock till today, a collection agency got engaged and I was close to a mental breakdown – just because Im surrounded by idiots! Im used things to go the way I want and Im freaking out, but we will unbox my new heels together now and see if they sent my exactly the ones I wanted… This storytime is not fictional and has a absurd plottwist at the end.

DRAMA with my NEW HIGH HEELS - Storytime & try on. I FREAK OUT!!

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