Domina Evgenia – Resting outdoors

Im resting outdoors. Eating peaches, drinking martinis. My slave is kneeling beside me. I throw a peach on the floor and crush it with my sole. I tell my slave to eat it. I spit the chewed peaches into his mouth, and he eats it with pleasure, too. When I want to smoke, my slave hands me a pack of cigarettes and gives me a light. I shake off the cigarette ash in his mouth, spitting in his humiliated face. He has a chastity belt on his cock, and the keys to the chastity belt hang around my neck. When my gorgeous legs get tired, my slave becomes a footstool. At the end of the video, I take off my panties, put them on my slaves face, and send him crawling on his knees to meet the waiter.

Domina Evgenia - Resting outdoors

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