Cum eater – Full HD Version 1080p

I decided to train this poor loser in bisexuality, to be able to suck cocks well he has to learn to swallow the cum that comes out of someone elses balls. I also want to make him feel like a cuckold so I make him believe that he will swallow my alpha mans sperm (in reality its just a test to see if hes up to it, I could never waste my mans precious seed in this way so I filled the condom with soap). I use it as an ashtray for my cigarette and slap it with a full condom. I decide to stuff him with my champagne, I empty the contents of the condom into his mouth, and then piss in it again, but the slave sees the bubbles and realizes that he has been made fun of (he really wanted to become my cum-guy) he doesnt deserve anything nothing but my cigarette butts. So I decide to turn him into a real garbage can by emptying the full ashtray into his disgusting mouth.

Cum eater - Full HD Version 1080p

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