Childishly simple blackmailing – part 3

All good things come in threes ! After the great success of my little beginners blackmail series I bet you do not want to miss out the grand finale, right ? Countless slaves took part and I am glad that almost every buyer has actually sent the requested personal data. Sending genuine personal data before orgasm in a totally horned up and mindless state is one of the most mind blowing experiences a slave can ever experience. However, the danger has to be increased from clip to clip, in order to keep the level of satisfaction as high as possible. I have attracted and seduced many of you to send there real data for the first time ever and now you simply can not resist. You have to do it again and again and again…. ! Will I let you get away with it once more or will you now play with your life ?! Buy the clip and find out ! I am sure you will muuuuuuuhahahahahahhahahahahahaaha.

Childishly simple blackmailing - part 3

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