Broke pig – bushwhacker challenge

Hahaha!Is it just me or is there a vile breed of sewer rats known as wannabe piggies?!?!? You know what I mean – the ones who promise big but actually have very little in their wallet or their credit to back it up?Pah!Lets keep it real, if youre still reading this then that means those fake piggies are people just like you! Broke pig!You make me laugh! Yeah yeah yeah you should piss me off and ride up my left tit! But I really dont give two sh|ts about you so wasting my brainspace worrying about the stupid games you play is more than youre worth really!But just for you this year Im running a monthly Broke Pig Challenge.This is going to be extreme!Its going to be painful!Its going to make you regret the meaning of life!And it will of course be deeply humiliating!But I dont care! You deserve it after all!Each clip will cost $9.99 regardless of the length. It will contain an intensely humiliating set of instructions that I expect you to complete and post online so everyone knows just how much of a broke arse you really are!Today we start with the bushwhacker challenge.Hop to it!

Broke pig - bushwhacker challenge

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