Brainfucked Sub – Stroke Worship Addiction

I am going to hypn$tize you into my stroke worship addict. You are going to submit to me. You will not resist me. I am your addiction. Everything abut you will be long to me. Your mind, your body, your possessions, your money. In this clip you will listen to my voice as I send you deep down into an altered state. Whilst in this state you will crave stroke worship. Those thoughts will enter your mind throughout your day and even wake you from your sleep. When in this state of arousal you will become perfectly weak for me. Ready to serve and surrender. Ready to pay and give. Follow the instructions in this clip and get ready for your submissive side to be activated like nothing before. This video is in full HD 1920 x 1080. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MIND FUCK, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, MENTAL DOMINATION, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, ORGASM CONTROL, FEMDOM POV,

Brainfucked Sub - Stroke Worship Addiction

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