Brainfuck – Mantra

Your brain will now be fucked absolutely and to the limit! Your new mantra will burn itself completely into your brain. There will be no way out. You and your cock will be mine! You will hear knocking 3 times then you have to wank your dick 3 times – 1. up and down, 2. up and down, 3. up and down! Then you repeat what I say – “for my Mistress Yasemin” – and then you hear the knocking again and you will wank 3 times… You will notice that the knocking will burn into your brain! Your thoughts will be completely with me! You may jerk off 3 times after each knocking, the video will be repeated as long as you cum! If thats not enough, youll hear it in your sleep! Over and over and over again!

Brainfuck - Mantra

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