Blackmail – Naples Style

Le Mie Radici ! Today I will tell you about my roots ! Some parts of my family originate from naples, the famous port town in southern italy. Naples is not only well known for the best Pizza and Espresso in the world but although for a lot of dirty deals. Maybe that`s why I love blackmailing so much, who knows ?! However I dont toy around, so if you give me your blackmail info you should follow my orders or your old life will end up very quickly. If I have you by the nuts, I will not let you go for some lousy euros. To me slaves are goods, the younger ones can be used as gaywhores on the meat market while the elder ones with their wife are perfect blackmail victims. Each piece of slavemeat will be perfectly squeezed out by me and fed to its determination. Of course, this clip includes a small blackmail trap as well….

Blackmail - Naples Style

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