Blackmail – Dangerous Seduction

Blackmail-Fantasy is a topic, that both scares and excites you like nothing else does… For a good reason!To give someone like me such powers over you could ruin your life. Your job, your relationship, every single part of it.You have often fantasized about how that might feel, havent you? Depending completely on my mercy, being coerced to fulfill my every command and becoming an object for me to torment in whatever way I like…Scary, isnt it? But why is your little cock already getting hard by reading these words?Anyways, this is not what this clip is about. This time, I want you to imagine that youve already had the courage to give in. Pretend, you were already mine.I want you to get a taste of what that would feel like.. Not to be scared all the time, not to be afraid of all the things that could possibly happen to you… Just pretend and give in. Relax and enjoy what I am about to show you… I want your mind to suffer no disturbances at all. You will not concentrate on your many fears and hesitations but on me. On me only!I will free your mind, free your soul and strip you from all burdens that would only spoil the experience of being completely mine – You will never want to miss it again…

Blackmail - Dangerous Seduction

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