Big Fat Stuffed Girlfriend – Feedee / Feeder Kink

Set from a POV you are my devoted and loving boyfriend- who happens to be a baker! Weve recently moved in together and you have signed up for the Great British Bake Off. You need someone to try out all of your tasty new bakes! So of course, because I love you so much I will happily consume every single one of the cakes, pastries and baked goodies that you make!! I show off how big and round my tummy is getting, tell you how unbelievably fat im getting! And I LOVE it!! I cant stop showing off my big jiggly STUFFED fat tummy, telling you how huge im getting! That you will soon have to roll me out of the kitchen with a wheelbarrow, or even forklift my tummy out of there!!Lots of positive sensual talk about my big bloated tummy, positive use of the words; stuffed, fat, big, jiggly, fat cow, etc etc!

Big Fat Stuffed Girlfriend - Feedee / Feeder Kink

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