Advent Door No. 7 – Team Ruin Advent Calendar

Team Ruin consists of many charming ladies:Palina Addicted, Your Goddess, Miss Catdeluxe, Lady Jana Logan, Mistress Jenny, Cruel Reell, Money Princess Isabella, Goddess Yasemin, Gabriela Syren, Mistress Sunny, Madame Svea, Toxicsugga, Lady Skyla Million and Lady Stefanie.Together, we have created an individual Christmas calendar. You can find doors in each of our stores.Your Christmas bonus is mine!Here you are again to worship me, because that is the most important thing for you! Only I am important and you, slave loser, are there to serve! You are happy that you can serve a goddess like me, you are happy that you can wank for me. Can you cum? No. You have to earn that. Slave dick may not simply cum! Thats why you will pay your Christmas bonus to me today. Your COMPLETE Christmas bonus. You have not earned it. Only I have earned it. You will jerk off for me and your Christmas bonus belongs to me, understood? You will do what I tell you, no excuse. You are my slave and have to obey!You missed door number 6? That was in MoneyPrincess Isabellas store. can find door number 8 at Miss Cat Deluxes store!

Advent Door No. 7 - Team Ruin Advent Calendar

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