10.000 Euro promissory note – whats next?!

Ive warned you, but as horny as you were, you ignored all of my warnings and signed a 10.000 Euro promissory note. That was an insane kick, wasnt it? How does it feel now that the ink is barely dry … do you regret it already? You were so horny, you didnt even notice the interest rate … but now its too late and you have no other chance – either you pay me completely and on tome … or Ill drag you to court until youve lost everything – Ill not accept even a cent less! The few minutes of horniness, while you were filling out your personal data and signed the note, have serious consequences for you – youll need to look for a 2nd job or put in some extra hours. I really dont care if youve to go hungry or clean dirty toilets to get the money – as long as I get MY money in the end!

10.000 Euro promissory note - whats next?!

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